AirJaldi brings fast and reliable internet connectivity to rural areas in India.



We provide high-quality broadband connectivity to rural areas at reasonable rates. We connect large and small clients from the corporate, civil society and private sectors. We hope you read on, learn more about us and the work we do and possibly be encouraged to become part of the AirJaldi world – as a user, partner, supporter or an interested follower. Enjoy!


Garhwal Team got busy!

A relay in Banchuri Village which is about 140 kms from our Garhwal Office, functional since 2014 which served Ghansali and its surrounding areas needed some maintenance and upgrade work. This relay had lately become one of the main backbones – serving two networks – and additionally since it hosts five hotspot locations. Therefore, upgrading …Read More

Relays in Tehri Garhwal

One of our  relays, on a hilltop in Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, serves three IFMR branches in the area. Setting up the tower almost four years ago was an uphill task. This series documents a maintenance visit to the site, involving climbing uphill for over an hour with a 30 Kg. replacement battery           …Read More

Live birthday celebration streaming in Taipei!

His Holiness the 14th The Dalai Lama turned 80 on 21 June this year, according to the Tibetan Calendar. Tibetans and followers all over the world joined in to celebrate the occasion and wish him good health and long life. In Taiwan, about a thousand Taiwanese took part in the celebration of His Holiness the …Read More

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