> Tweeting in the Hills

(5 March 2012, Hindustan Times)

AirJaldi's work was mentioned in one of India's most widely read newspapers the "Hindustan Times" as part of the initiative "India Awakened 2012 - Agents of change".The article speaks about how Airjaldi has effected the lives of people in rural india.

> Developing Rural India - One Step at a Time

(3 January 2012, Social Earth)

Saurabh Mehra from AirJaldi describes our goals and work on website dedicated to social entrepreneurship, businesses, and idea. 

> Himalayan Effort

(3 September 2011, Outlook Business)

As part of a special issue of Business Outlook focusing on social enterprises in India, Himanshu Kakkar describes the ways in which AirJaldi combines the dual goals of meeting social objectives while maintaining economic viability. 

> Ubuntu Helps Bridge the Digital Divide in Rural India

(August 2011)

The Ubuntu Canonical team describes ways in which AirJaldi uses Ubuntu to ensure high-quality technical performance and reduce its operating cost

AirJaldi – Empowering Rural India

(June 23, 2011)

Michael talks to  A Good Week about what Good means to him, RBB and its close affiliate AirJaldi.Org, a social enterprise committed to creating sustainable Internet broadband networks across rural India.

> The Hills Have WiFi

(31 Dec 2010, Mint)

Krish Raghav writes the story of AirJaldi, whose network in Dharamsala now reaches over 10,000 people. Michael Ginguld discusses the issues faced by internet service providers in rural areas and how AirJaldi has managed to overcome them, while setting up and growing new networks in other rural regions of the country.

Expats Take Rural Road for New Ventures

(7 Sep 2010, Economic Times)

AirJaldi Chairman, Jim Forster, discusses the values of bringing rural connectivity to remote rural regions like Tehri Garwahl in Uttarakhand.

Rural Development Through Broadband, Wireless and Mobiles

(21 Jun 2010, Mint)

Osama Manzar of the Digital Empowerment Foundation discusses AirJaldi's wifi solutions as an example of initiatives that are bridging the digital divide.