The Kareri Link

Nov. 17, Dharamsala: During the recent ExtremeCom conference in Dharamsala, a team of participants trekked to Kareri village and worked on a link to bring connectivity to the local Government school.

However, due to the adverse weather conditions (cruel monsoons this year, leaving the river flooded!) ... our mules were not able to get the equipment across.
Now that the skies have cleared up, Gompo made another attempt to get to Kareri with the missing equipment to get the link running.After a 6 hour walk, going up and down three mountains, Gompo arrived at the site late afternoon.... Still raring to go. He spent an hour setting up the router and verifying connectivity. That done, he spent another 6 hours walking back, reaching home at 2.30am.
Now, thanks to the people from ExtremeCom, which is contributing towards the costs of computer equipment and connectivity for a year, and of course, the hard work put in by Gompo, an isolated village school is connected to the world!